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ARM ADS 2019 开发工具Linux 64位

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Release Notes for Arm® Development Studio 2019.0

The release notes contain:

  • A highlight of the tools included in the suite
  • What's new in version 2019.0
  • How to get started with Development Studio
  • How to provide feedback and get support
  • Known limitations in this release

What's included in Development Studio?
Arm Development Studio IDE
Development Studio helps you build, code, debug and optimize Arm-based projects quickly. From device bring-up to application debug to creating highly efficient micro-controller applications, Development Studio enables you to bring better products to market ahead of the competition.
Arm Compiler
Arm Compiler 5 and Arm Compiler 6 toolchains enable you to build highly optimized embedded applications for the entire range of Arm processors. Arm Compiler 5 supports all Arm architectures from Armv4 to Armv7 inclusive. Arm Compiler 6 supports Armv6-M, Armv7, and Armv8 architectures.
Arm Debugger
Arm Debugger is a graphical debugger supporting software development on Arm processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP). The Arm Debugger includes support for SoC bring-up with platform configuration utilities using the Arm ULINK™ and DSTREAM debug probes families.
Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms
Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) provide the ideal combination of performance, flexibility and usability for development and debug at all levels of the software stack. Based on Arm Fast Models, a library of FVPs is supplied with Development Studio for Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M processors. In addition, Development Studio supports custom FVPs created using the Arm Fast Models package, via the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).
Streamline Performance Analyzer
Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer is a system-wide performance analysis tool to analyse Linux, Android, and bare-metal embedded systems. Streamline's visualization tools make it easy to find performance bottlenecks in CPU, GPU, and other Arm IP. This along with code profiling, enables performance tuning of systems allowing process, thread, function call, and line by line granularity of CPU time to identify inefficient code.
Mali Graphics Debugger
Trace OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL API calls in applications and understand complex frame effects to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize graphics code. Tracing all API calls in the application makes it easy to pinpoint performance issues and graphics defects. It also gives visibility of application assets including framebuffers, textures, and shaders. Any scene can be re-rendered drawcall by drawcall to see exactly how it is composed, which provides quick detection of graphics defects and issues.
What's New in Arm Development Studio 2019.0
Arm Compiler

  • Updated to version 6.12 for the latest features, bug fixes and performance improvements. The complete release notes are available on the Arm Compiler 6 Downloads page.

Arm Debugger
This release of Arm Development Studio includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Debug and trace support for the recently announced DSTREAM-PT high performance debug and trace probe
  • Target connections to CoreSight™ SoC-600 platforms implementing CoreSight Wire Protocol (CSWP) supported
    • Debug and streaming trace supported for host libraries and on-target agents implementing CSWP  
    • CoreSight Wire Protocol (CSWP) published to Arm GitHub
    • Host library USB transport example published to Arm GitHub
    • Example on-target debug agent published to Arm GitHub
  • CoreSight Access Tool (CSAT) extended to support for Arm Debug Interface version 6 (ADIv6)
  • New device support for
    • STMicroelectronics STM32MP15x 
    • Renesas RZ/A2M
    • RC Module MC127.04 

For a complete list of supported device please visit the Supported Devices page
Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms

  • Updated to version 11.6 for the latest features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Arm Streamline
Arm Streamline version 6.9 adds following features:

  • Support for configurations with more than one Mali GPU.
  • Improvements to OpenCL timeline view to enable support for Job Chaining feature of latest Mali driver.

Supported Host Platforms

  • Added support to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and dropped support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Note support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 will be discontinued in future releases.
Getting Started
For an in-depth introduction to Development Studio, system requirements and installation instructions, please consult the online Getting started page. A copy of the Getting started guide is also included in your installation of Development Studio and accessible from within the Arm Development Studio IDE.
If you are migrating from DS-5, there also is a DS-5 migration guide to help you transition quickly.
Feedback & Support
You can find tutorials, documentation and videos on the Development Studio Learn page.
For technical support, go to our Support page. You can also raise queries and support issues relating to Development Studio on the Arm Community website.
Noteworthy Issues and Limitations

  • Armv8-A Base AEM FVP, Armv8-M AEM FVP and Armv8-A Foundation Platform are no longer supplied in Arm DS, but can be downloaded from Arm Developer